Dragon chase


Dragon Chase is one of the hottest casino games currently in demand. With a maximum jackpot of $5k, your stake for the big jackpot is up for grabs every time you play on a free spin with a host of enticing symbols like the Emerald Web, Dragon Pearl and Dragon Spike. This highly addictive online casino game has all the components of an exhilarating casino experience combined in a simple to understand, enjoyable and well structured video game. The best part of playing Dragon Chase is that it's free! That means a big chance to win more than what you could've ever imagined.

With this random triggered wildfire feature, you can play the game and its mini-games without having to leave your seat and without having to wait for a lengthy duration of time just so you can choose your action. You can play the game from the convenience of your home or even while you're out traveling by getting the chance to play in the Wildfire bonus round without actually going to a real casino. And the best thing is that with this free spin of Dragon Chase, you get to win more than what you spent on the spin! It is truly an opportunity worth taking.

If you want to have fun and enjoy the benefits of free spins of this online slot game, then Dragon Chase would be a great choice for you. The free-spinning, free-resume feature of the game makes it all the more exciting and the free-spin feature that allows players to win huge jackpots with just a small amount is truly a fantastic way to spend your free time. Just like other casino games that you can play online for free, the slots game also has a random triggered wildfire feature that is a must see. Dragon Chase is all set to make you go crazy with its exciting free re-spins feature and exciting free play options.