Le kaffee bar


Le Kaffee Bar is a casino game which originated in Australia in 1990. It was developed by Richard Legg. In the game, there are seven board positions: Ace, Queen, King, Jack, ten and Ace Queen. You will find the player to be dealt a face down card, which will reveal his hand. You will then have four hands to deal with: the dealer will call, all three of your opponents will call, and two cards to yourself to “bluff”.

Then, the dealer will turn the seven boards upside down, so you are dealt a new round. In this new round, you have the “baker, girl and guy (all with black hair), the most valuable you with five on the pay line giving you 8 free spins. In terms of the three characters, they may appear as triple stacked on all three middle reels, thus giving you three free spins. Furthermore, the game comes with a Hot Spin Another feature that whenever any 3 matching characters in a vertical or horizontal position on the same column will give you an extra spin. You will also notice a nice little multi-spinning feature that allows you to get a free spin in the following four betting rounds.

The bonus game is a fun game. It is a simple to play casino game with excellent graphics. It comes with three popular characters (including the dealer), a nice little bonus feature, multi-spinning feature and a free spin feature. This is a great little bonus game for anyone who enjoys playing casino games.